Sunday GPS


3birdsI knew before going to church Sunday that I would not be there for the evening service. I found it interesting that part of the pastor’s sermon had to do with being on the right road, taking the right path and GPS. He mentioned that while he was out of town recently, and staying somewhere that he already knew the route, that the GPS in the car kept saying to turn left when he and his friend knew they were to turn right at a certain point. If there is a glitch in the system who knows where one would wind up. I have an internal GPS, and all I do is listen. Now and then I feel I am guided to give my direction finder a whirl just to make sure it is still working properly. After church I told the pastor I thought the message was as much for him as for myself, and that I would not be in church for evening service because I would be “having church” in the woods. He asked if I would take a moment to pray for him while there and to bring him back a good photo. So off I went…


The first few photos taken were interesting, and that was before I even got in the car to leave town, but I am not including those in i knuethis part of the story as my decipher has nothing to do with the story made public. As I made the first turn I noticed a license plate in front of me and thus took a photo of it. I find I do this with great frequency and generally the numbers have similar meaning to me, a clarification of sorts. I read the plate as “3:17 end”. I continued my little journey for over 25 miles, my destination the state park in Versailles, Indiana. A slight run-in occurred with the gatekeeper at the park. I had read on an official state site that all state parks in Indiana offered free admission that day, but the attendant said she had to charge me, and everyone else that went there, the usual $5 gate fee. She did not give me a map, and after spending a little time taking some photos I went back for a map but did not go on any trails. I left there soon after, knowing my visit had to do more with timing and a couple of well discovered photo opportunities. I also asked myself if the $5 gate entry fee would have stopped me from going there once I had in mind I was “supposed” to and no, it did not.


I walked back and forth over the creek through an old covered bridge and took a few photos, and said hello to a couple who had walked a long way down a steep hill from town, tapped the bridge and were discussing the walk back UP the hill. They said they had never done this before, and I congratulated them on their efforts. I drove through a few different areas of the park, taking more photos, having my usual conversation with God along the way, and made note of a couple of photos that were congruent enough that others would understand how my synchronicity works to clarify I am where I am supposed to be at any particular time.


blowdryerJust before I got ready to leave I sat there for a moment to straighten my seatbelt, get my snack out, had a drink of water and decided to use the restroom. While standing there to dry my hands under a machine which nearly blew me away, I thought yeah, I could take a photo or just look it up online when I got home. According the their website, what felt like 3-Gs moving across the top of my hand, the xlerator was putting out an “air velocity of 16,000 LFM (linear feet per minute) at the air outlet and 14,000 LFM at the hands (4 inches [102 mm] below air outlet.” It was just one of those things th316pmat gave me a moment of unusual understanding about the power of “xceleration” as it were. Prior to leaving the park I realized I needed to get my phone from the trunk if I was to know what time it was. I discovered the time to be 3:16 pm, as I started the car and mused as I took the photo of the time on the phone since it correlated with the photo of the car I was behind at the beginning of the trip, the one with the “3:17 end” license plate.


into the lightUpon leaving the park I drove through the covered bridge, up the winding hill and made a short stop in the little town of Versailles where I took a few photos around the square. I had already decided to stop at Big Oaks’ Krueger Lake on the way home as well, since I had never been there. No big revelations to tell about but I had a couple of personal syncs which showed me I was still on the right path at the right time. I left there with Clifty Falls State Park as my next destination. I approached the north gate and found a smiling gatekeeper, so I rolled the window down to ask him about it being free day and how it was that he was informed. He showed me his board and I asked if I could take a photo of it. He obliged, holding the board while I took the photo. I saw  it was dated April and I knew that other state parks had all received the same notice. He then told me that a couple had recently come through the gate and told him that they had been charged at Versailles State Park. I told him I had just come from there, been charged $5 and he told me the supervisor is responsible to make sure the park employees know what is going on when they offer such promotions. I thanked him and he welcomed me to Clifty, telling me he had sold a few season passes. Good.


little cliftyI entered the park and went directly to the blacktopped trail to the overlook at little Clifty Falls.  I saw a couple of people taking photos and waited my turn to get close to the stone wall and get a few of the waterfall at that lookout spot. At one point in my flurry of photo-taking I noticed a man nearby and we started a casual conversation. As I spoke he interjected clarifying questions, asking if I meant God, the Holy Spirit, and the like. We discussed why I was there, and I spoke of my pastor and his morning sermon. The man asked me if I wanted to pray with him for my pastor, so we held hands and did so at the overlook. I was not aware of anyone else being nearby at that time but the man kept saying he knew the Holy Spirit was with me. Well, yeah…I get that a lot. He understood I was there to have church in the park and he was to be part of it. He told me he had a friend with the same last name that my pastor has, no relation, of course. A Godwink, for sure.


We continued our conversation and at one point, when he told me he was an “expediter”, I laughed and told him I had already met up with one at the previous location.  I think he understood what I was talking about. It all fit together nicely with why I was where I was when I was. He told me he almost left the park just before I got there, and that he had circled around one more time before coming to that overlook. I do not recall seeing the vehicle when I pulled in. A few moments later he left, and I continued to take a few photos, and even caught a photo him at a different overlook and then the vehicle in which he was driving. The words Express 1 were written on the side. I looked them up online and found this on their home page, thinking, interesting timing, eh?

espress 1 home page


Between travel points on my little journey, I pulled over to take a photo of a barn sign on the opposite side of the highway. I parked on a gravel driveway and being the inquisitive one that I am, checked out a white pillar a few yards from where the car sat. As it turned out, it was a survey marker, a correctgeodetic disc, something I had never seen before in person. I laughed about it because it provided an interesting connection since I started the day listening to a sermon which included talk of GPS. Apparently my own internal GPS was working well and I took a photo of the barn and the disc and another marker nearby.


When I did a search online for geodetic markers I happened to open a link with a photo of the Nauticus marker in Virginia Beach. I think I went there once with the kids. Anyway, just doing so made the connection to me for the marker and the Nautica t-shirt I noticed that the man (with whom I spoke) was wearing. Just another part of the series of synchronicities for the day.


After I left the park, I was thinking I might still have time to get to the evening service and then dismissed it. Instead I took a right turn and went down a street towards the river, parking in front of a little house for sale, one I hear say welcome home every time I look at it. I peeked in the window on the front porch and the neighbor came out to talk with me. She told me a little about it, and we both peeked inside. The conversation continued for a couple of hours, and I saw the pastor drive by on his way home from church. I noticed a bell in the back yard just before she offered some sitting time on the front porch. She said it was once her mother’s. I asked her when it was last rung and she told me before her husband died he had rung it, and she told me about him and his bell-ringing habits. She offered to let me ring it so I followed her to the house where she rang it first, then I pulled the cord a couple of times. My grandfather had one just like it and it brought back fond memories of my brother and I ringing that bell. The neighbor and I discussed many things, sitting on her front porch. She told me she had blacked out in church that morning, and was taken to the hospital for severe back pain. The thing is, the whole time I was with her, she had not one single twinge. I was glad of that, and glad to have stopped there and

met her. With all that bell ringing, someone certainly must’ve been in the right place at the right time. I wonder if maybe someone got their wings.  😉


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