playing with purpose

one of the magazine pages photographed while at the laundromat today

On a recent trip to the laundromat, I found myself surrounded by “visual synchronicities” that are part of what I call my conversations with God. It would be one thing if I only did this sort of “visual conversation” once or twice, but this happens all the time. I don’t always tell everyone how the conversations go, because I don’t know if they would understand it anyway. This morning, I was given the prompt I needed to do this post, or maybe just to start it off right.

In my Facebook feed this morning I noticed a supposed quote/scripture from Psalms had been put up, something that at first glance is wonderfully uplifting. The post was a cloud-type photo on which the words, “Man says…Show me and I’ll trust you. God says…Trust me and I’ll show you” are written. The bottom right of the photo says Now while this is all a great sentiment with which to start one’s day, below those words is written “Psalm 126:6.” There had been 49,656 people who liked it, and 20,914 shares by the time I saw it. I went through all of the comments and found ONLY 5 (yes~five) PEOPLE who realized it was NOT Psalm 126:6. I am sure this had the intent most would think, a feel-good verse, but it was also a great example of whom to trust.

I can agree with the sentiment of the posting, that by my trusting I AM shown, and probably shown things a little differently than most would see.

Recently I was asked to do an interview about the photos I take. Actually I had been called the day before I took the photos you will see in this post. I visit the laundromat occasionally when I am unable to get clothes done on the line, as this was one of those days since I wanted to wear a certain pair of pants the next day and it had been raining so much nothing would dry on the line.

this photo has been altered to protect the innocent

this photo has been altered to protect the innocent

Just prior to leaving the house I had seen a photo of my twin nephews; one was wearing a rainbow-colored wig, an iconic wig which is often associated (by a wearer holding a sign at televised sporting events) with the bible verse John 3:16, while the other wore a joker’s hat (the latter also wearing a t-shirt on which the words “24/7 service” was written.) I downloaded the photo and put in my day file. I tell you this because you will later see how the head-wear visually relates and completes a full circle in this particular story.

I only needed to do one load of laundry this day, but needed to stop to get detergent. I noticed the woman in front of me had made a similar purchase. We both wound up at the same laundromat and she later asked if she could purchase my bottle of liquid so as to complete her client’s wash. I offered a cup full but she wanted it all. I said no; I needed it for other loads to do on another day. I have no doubt the day may have gone differently had I made that choice to sell her my laundry detergent, lol. The timing would have been different.

So, I loaded the laundry, put the money in the slots and noticed I had “34 minutes” …those words are actually shown in LED on the machine. The number 34 had already come to my attention earlier via a man who posts about that particular number in a group which is about synchronicity. I am sure I probably smiled when I saw the number but not as much as when I decided to take a walk outside while my clothes washed. I grabbed my camera and as soon as I went outside noticed a car parked in the lot had the numbers T34T3 on it. I took the T34 as in a countdown…meaning I had 34 minutes on the clock.

3TI decided which direction to go in the alley and made note of that which I saw, both mentally and through my camera lens. The first thing I saw was that which I visually related to the rest of the license plate, the 3T, in the form of a telephone pole with 3 transformers on it. Do you see how I could have made that connection?

After that photo I took one of a lovely garden gate with beautiful  flowers just garden gatebeyond the gate. At that point I noticed a single chair sitting just off the alley on the other side and at that point I figured I was “in conversation”. The next photo taken was of another license plate on which I saw RJK343, which I took as “our joke, three for three” and also the 34 reference with the trinity’s 3. Over a couple of years I have found much to represent a particular symbolism in my conversations with God. Each is different at the moment it is presented.

batman stickerAfter the license plates I came across a couple of dogs, a couple of doors and a few stars that I took photos of and I also took photos of what I saw as eyes and faces in a wooden fence. A few other photos were taken as it began to rain. One thing that caught my attention, while it was raining, was a large mirror on the side of a house. I noticed a batman sticker on the mirror…may be hard to see on the photo, but it is there on the right side in the photo. 

The air was hot and the little bit of rain only made it steamier outside, so I was happy to get back to the laundromat where it was air conditioned. I planned to go swimming directly after I was finished with my laundry. As I arrived back at the laundromat, I was immediately drawn to a bright red van parked outside of the laundromat. pictures made w the word of godThere were a couple of bible verses painted on the side of the van and “John 3:16” was written at the back and side of the van. I couldn’t help but notice the words written under the driver and passenger front windows (the same on either side) and took a photo of that. Later I asked the van’s owner about it and he told me about artwork made with text in which one see’s Jesus face. I made the comment that I too have pictures made with the word of God, but mine are a little different. Done with my walk outside, I went back to my laundry, placing it in the dryer.

I picked up a magazine and thumbed through it, realizing I was not done taking photos, I picked up the camera and turned the pages. This is how it went…001 I noticed the pattern in the fabric covering one of the chairs about the time I saw the words on a page in the magazine which I had put down. My mind wandered a moment to fibonacci as I saw a fern or nautilus type of design in it. I cannot begin to explain how that relates…but it does in nature, and to me, this is all very natural. I doubt most people would get some of the other pages I took photos of so I will exclude a few. I’ll pick up the part here where you might see the relationship between my inner thoughts and that which I see around me.

I came to a page that said, “Where are you?”

I came to a page where I saw the words, "Where are you?"

I came to a page where I saw the words, “Where are you?”

I answered that question with a photo  …seemed only natural to do so.


Another photo I found pertinent at this point was one in which I had seen the door to the van was closed, and then I came to a page with a spoon on it, 14and in the text was the question, “Can a spoon open a door?” I 15am sure I smiled when I saw those words, because I recalled being with my sister once when I used a feather in one hand and a key which did not fit the lock in the other hand, to open a door on my van. A police officer was trying to open the other side of the van so he was present when that occurred. Anyway… I looked up and saw the door to the van was open, so of course, I assumed the van’s owner was inside…and took a photo which shows both the van outside and the page I was on at the time.  Of course, you might be laughing out loud when you see the next photo…

keep the doors open

I see this as kind of an explanation as to what is going on here… keeping the wonder alive…

The story is getting long so I will truncate it somewhat. Let’s just say, I was right on target for the day. taRGET

Somehow I knew I was not done for the day. On the way home I decided to stop in the local thrift shop, as though called for some reason. I went in with my camera in hand. In the first aisle I saw a package of computer photo cards and 2014 calendar. I said something to the check out clerk about having never seen one out so early, and he replied he thought the same when he saw that. A bit unusual to find either item where I did, so I took a photo of where they were on the shelf and then put the two aforementioned items in the basket. This would be that photo.future

I went further down the first aisle and saw three items that were placed on an upper shelf. I took 19a photo of part of what caught my eye amidst the kitchenware, a blank dry erase message board (with the word “Messages” on it), which was next to a plaque of Jesus (sorry jokerfor the poor photo quality) that was next to a TIME-ALL. Some symbolism, eh? I continued on to the children’s section, where there are games and stuffed animals, etc. On the very end, where I could not possibly have missed it, was a “joker” doll. Are you starting to get the picture here? Earlier in this posting I made reference to the rainbow wig, which symbolically correlated to the John 3:16 on the side of the van, and now I was seeing the joker doll relating to the other twin’s joker hat. I had already made the connection visually. But I went just a little further for my own clarification purposes. There is always more than meets the eye about my photos, but most people would not understand.

black boxI am of the opinion that the entity I know as God is a loving, caring, and very playful being. There is a language we each communicate through and this is a visual communication that I seem to have, and I like to say it is my conversation that others just happen to be privy to through my own documentation. The universe and I play a game, or entertain the other with a scavenger hunt of sorts. Who wouldn’t call it fun; it is entertaining in the least, and some air of mystery remains in the conversation. I am never at a loss to see something in a physical form that gives me the feeling of God’s presence nearby.

Some may not understand that I take the words from Hebrew (in my bible) literally in this fashion: “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” phoneI do not wish to get into a tussle with biblical scholars but to me, this means, I can see the evidence all around me; there is indeed, something bigger than myself that though I cannot see (thus that which is unseen) it my own eyes, I can see that which was created…and these are the evidence…one photo at a time. This is all part of the conversation between me and God, and something I feel I can share with others, even if they can’t understand it all, they can “listen in” on the call.

Prior to having my interview, I asked the reporter if she knew about synchronicities, and explained the term means meaningful coincidences, and that mine are best shown through the way in which I put the photos together (generally MY STORYas they come to me to take them). Having just edited these photos from the prior day, I sent them to her. Actually a few I sent to her were a little different than the ones here. While being interviewed a few days later I asked her how that explanation I gave had come across. I know how it sounds. She did tell me that my explanation was a bit confusing at first, but once she saw the photos it all clicked. I hope this “clicks” for others as well.

watercolored nearsightedness

the photographer is also a local pastor…I captured this while he took my photo

Since the paper published the article with a few of my photos that they had requested I thought I would share this part of the story as a go with, saying I call my synchronicities “God winks”, which is a term others have used in making similar connections through meaningful coincidence in their lives. .

**As an aside, while I was preparing this post I was messaged with a photo taken in Egypt…it was a heart being drawn in the sky with an Egyptian air force jet. I considered it an appropriate sign at that.

a playful purpose


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