when a kitty is not a kitty


For whatever reason, the thought of one of last night’s America’s Got Talent contestants came to my mind while I zoned out in front of the computer and the TV. I had just thought about Howard Stern telling one contestant he did not wish to hear the contestant calling to his bird, “Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty…” (about the 3:18 mark on the video).  The bird’s name was Kitty Cat. Having just had that thought, a Sears raccoon commercial came on, and I heard the woman in the commercial calling her cat, “Here Kitty…” Apparently she needed a new pair of glasses, because a raccoon came to her call, not her cat.. I decided to post about the synchronistic timing of the two on FACEBOOK, but since I like to include photos or videos to clarify TV syncs, I figured I would first post it on wordpress and provide a link. When I opened the wordpress home page, I laughed because I saw this photo of a cat.


I changed channels on the TV, and about the time I got the photos and links uploaded, a Macy’s commercial came on and I couldn’t help but notice the words HELLO KITTY getting larger then smaller on the screen. It was a  good thing to have TIVO to back it up and capture the words on the video on the TV screen.


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