a little hop


It was an interesting selection I recently brought home from the library. Half of the books sat on individual display stands , so they’d be hard to miss atop the bookcase I stood next to in the newer nonfiction section of the library. I probably would have brought home a few more but couldn’t carry any more at that time.  In no particular order, I chose to bring home:


A Useful Guide to Thought and Meaning

The 7 Laws of Magical Thinking, How Irrational Beliefs Keep Us Happy, Healthy and Sane

50 Popular Beliefs that People Think Are True

The Ancient Alien Question

The 7 Magical Laws of Magical Thinking was my first pick to read last night. Magical thinking is defined medically, but of course there is always the skeptics dictionary definition. I suppose each of us can choose the definition which best suits our comprehension. I try to avoid defining anything because there is always the exception. Many will tell you that synchronicity and coincidence fit under the magical thinking defintition…so be it. Have a little magic.

Last night, I came to be reading the chapter titled, Everything Happens for a Reason, and the subsection titled On a Mission from God, when a certain commercial came on the TV about 9:30PM. It was one of those rather obnoxious commercials wherein the people kept repeating the product name over and over again and I hoped the other person in the room that normally changes channels during commercials would get around to changing this one. Well, that didn’t happen, so I had no choice but to let the words infiltrate my brain and reading.

Over and over again, the people on this commercial yell out the product name, but with slight variation. It was hard to ignore. I was on page 220 in the book, The 7 Laws of Magical Thinking, when the commercial first came on. I was reading, “It makes events that are random and chaotic feel like they belong in a cohesive narrative about who you are and what your life is.  …You become a character in a much more interesting narrative when the whole world is conspiring to take part in your personal drama.”

I continued reading, through the next paragraph, where the author says that we want to believe all the flukes are somehow meant for us, that we want to believe in  a customized kismet where events build up for a future purpose, that we were put here for a reason, etc. In the background I hear, “The Hoppah! The Happah!  The Hopper!” while reading, “You were put here for a reason, you matter and you’re on a mission. Everything before now was to prepare you for your calling. The universe is counting on you.” and then I read…

“Now hop to it.”

“Sometimes it’s fun to pretend.”

Yeah, magical thinking is like pretending things go together in ways that make no sense to others.  I don’t know if I should call this a hop or a leap, but someplace in all of this mumbo jumbo is just a plain fun awareness that connects what goes on inside of me to that which is around me.


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