elephant’s trunk


Visual syncs are common to me. On Friday I wrote on a Facebook synchronicity group page that I keep a wooden (Indian) elephant from my mother’s collection near my computer. That morning I came across an old photo  I had taken  (7 years ago) down by the river when the Kelly Miller Circus was in town. I put the photo on the desktop of the computer. I made a connection consciously thinking about the “two trunks” down. Symbolic to me in many ways. The very next post on my FB feed was a photo of two elephants (trunks down) getting on the ferry near here.

Comments followed after I posted the sync on the synchronicity group page:

Ross commented: “It was an Anna trunk call. In Malayalam, the language they speak in Varkala Anna means Elephant … and she never forgets.”

I wrote: “as though you were waiting for this one, Ross, lol.”

Ross answered back with Ana code: “I LINK TWO ELEPHANTS BY ROSS TO ID CODER ANA..” 

After which I replied with a “like” and then wrote: “to continue this sync, I posted on my personal page that the home phone went out during the night, not fixed until my oldest brother called me on my cell phone and told me I needed to reset it. Anna means elder brother. Thanks Ross. ;)”

On my personal Facebook page I then posted, “I guess I need to check the phone for service every time it storms here. It was off all morning, lol.”

Ross quickly replied, “No it wasn’t, you got your trunk call!”

Made me laugh.

Since Ross had written that the name Anna meant elephant, I wrote that the name Anna also means elder brother in the Kannada language, and pointed out that the elephants were “Indian”, as a clarification.

At one point on Friday, I put into a search engine the words “two elephants” and found two elephants in Odisha were killed by a train on Thursday, so there was one connection that I took to heart because of a personal family synchronicity that pertains to elephants. The train clinched another part of the sync for me for reasons that will remain unspoken at this time.

Another thing I had not told anyone at that point, was that when my brother called  my cell phone to say my home phone had been busy, meaning there was a problem with the line, he also told me his phone had apparently been out (he is in another state) and he did not know until someone came to his door to check on him. Two “trunks” down already had multiple meanings.

A continuation of the sync…

Over the weekend I took some photos of decorated concrete “pigs” that sat at the riverfront for the annual “Ribberfest”, a music-fest in combination with judged barbecue cook-off. I decided to use a photo of the pig in camouflage for one of my cover photos, and also changed the profile photo to that of a preening crane.

Oh, I can imagine what people think when they see some of the stuff I put up, but everything comes with exquisite timing, for which I can take no credit yet thoroughly enjoy. The photo below is one that showed up in my Facebook feed this morning, from Interesting Engineering.

The photo shows two people working from a crane. I laughed when I read what was written on the crane. In the photo the workers are shown camouflaging a cell tower with what looks like a “cactus”. The two people “tagged” in the photo have names which are of Indian origin, names that have special meaning of their own. Look them up.

Because I did an anagram of the “code” that Ross had put up, and found the words star bride came to my attention, I did a “star bride” search. I found a site called Star Bride wherein I read  You have come to the right place. You must be wondering what’s next?” That really started me laughing and I read much between the lines.  The site was just part of the sync for me, in that I read the words, 7 years” and also saw a photo of an elephant, trunk down. Of course, that elephant had really big ears and was waving. I saw much more than I can explain, but the timing came through for me to also see a quote from Henry David Thoreau on my Facebook feed.

“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.”

I see many connections, and have told you just a few. Hope you enjoyed my visuals.   😉

PS. A little while after posting I decided to edit and add this, that my brother called me to tell me he had moved into a new apartment. During the conversation he told me he had a tree out front, which made me smile. After I got off the phone with him, I saw two photos on my facebook feed.

Siddharth means achieved all wishes…something accomplished.  I’d say.


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