Cluster Syncs~July 2012


Syncs…yeah, I’ll go with that. After having other blogs with mixed content I decided to go ahead and use this one for synchronicities. We’ll see how long I stick with that format. The following is a cluster sync, which started last week and today I decided to try to put the chronology together to the point at which I posted.

On Tuesday, July 10th, I posted a synchronicity regarding Einstein on a  Facebook group, Synchronicity”, saying that after a conversation at the pool, I looked up (online) the book about Einstein, titled Einstein’s Dreams, and wound up on a PBS schedule page that made me aware that a NOVA show would be on the next evening, The Elegant Universe:Einstein’s Dream. I set the DVR and posted this:


I then posted the next sync that came up.



Wednesday, July 11thDavid posted on my page about his Einstein connection:

After David mentioned which book he was purchasing, I looked that one up on Amazon and scrolled down the page, finding a field of numbers, noticing that the first two were 23. I took a screen shot of the Amazon page and sent a message to David, letting him know I looked it up and found a “23” connection., in that I noticed the first two numbers were 2 and 3.

 Here’s a larger version of the screen shot:

David’s response:

At that point, David and I had a Facebook “chat” regarding his “23” syncs and synchronicities in general. I scrolled up the messages to see he had once told me the reason for his “obsession” and gave me a link to his blog, for the explanation.

( .

In that previous message with David  Itold him I get licenses all the time that are part of the internal conversation. I also told him that a friend and I used to have so many syncs with license plates that it was difficult to drive because I would be laughing so much. 

During our conversation on the 11th, we discussed more of his “23” synchronicities and he mentioned having a license plate with the word AGENT and the number 23 on it. I have a thing for license plates myself and have taken a number of photos of them when I have a camera available. Some of the stories I could tell are hilarious. Back to this one…

 On Thursday, July 12th, David messaged me that he had an Einstein sync:  

As you can see, I kept my reply short.  


I saw that David posted a “007″ license plate photo on the Synchronicity group page .  He wrote, “I saw a tag that said ‘”Iam 007″‘ and snapped a picture of it and put it on my page. Later in the day, a friend from Michigan posts a picture that features the number 23. His last name is Bond…”  

After seeing the posts I wrote a message to David, telling him that I had just posted a link I had seen in my Facebook feed about a “golden girl” my connection to having just read the Bond connection.. I had last posted on his post at 12:23 PM.

I continued to message my next click, and after that, messaged David that I probably should do a special post about these syncs.  (As I am typing this, I am laughing…the TV channel was just changed to the guide and I they are talking about one of the James Bonds. no lie.)  And now I have to “skip” a little.  

Earlier in the day I had written on my Facebook page about seeing a photo on another of my blogs having been changed to a striped picture, not the photo I had taken of a sheep painting in an alley. I wrote: 

“I am going to blame the X-flare (CME) that is hitting earth today for photos on one of my blogs appearing as such. Hopefully, things will be back to normal next week and I won’t have to reload everything.

I happened to notice that a few photos on a blog had changed. The photo file I placed on the Facebook post was taken from the blog and saved on the computer as “what is this” and when uploaded it showed the stripes rather than the original photo of a photo of a painting of sheep. 

~AS I TYPE THIS the TV channel is switched again and the History Channel is on the show Pawn Stars, showing  a photo of Einstein with the signature of the photographer.

I know this will be confusing to follow, but when the computer “devices” did not respond I had to shut off the computer. This has been happening frequently recently and I have to shut it off rather hard. When I rebooted I saw that the files had magically rearranged themselves. The file labeled “what is this” was now displaying the sheep photo, and the stripes photo was now named “hmmm”, which was the last comment I had put on the link about the golden girl.

I took a screen shot of those and the next thing that showed up in my feed, a photo of Einstein., which I had told David about but not yet said anything about the change of files:

The naming of a file “hmmm” was an interesting change. Neither photo has changed since I noticed they “switched”.   

Meanwhile, back to the other part of this story…

I messaged David that I was going to do a lengthy post about these syncs. I told him Einstein was “in the works”. He messaged me: 

I looked at the top post and saw nothing, but I scrolled to the next post which had something that I considered a sync, a photo of a 007 car with spiderman next to it.  So I message David that I got it (pardon my fat finger typo).

A previous post on the Synchronicity group page was one wherein I included a photo of spiderman. Of course, by going to that James Bond page, I also saw that on Saturday (the 14th) there was a post that showed another sync of sorts:  

Enough syncs for the moment… Maybe David will have something to add to this, but I will close out this cluster for now.


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    • It’s my understanding that the book is fiction, which I rarely read, but since it was brought to my attention there is probably something of interest there for me. Have you read the book? If so, what did you come away with after having read it?

      • Yeah, I’ve read it and enjoyed it. I wouldn’t say it’s fiction though. It’s more like an extended thought experiment presenting dozens of different alternative conceptions for “time” in short vignettes using Einstein falling asleep at his desk and dreaming as the hook. I thought it was a pretty quick read.

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