Sunday GPS


3birdsI knew before going to church Sunday that I would not be there for the evening service. I found it interesting that part of the pastor’s sermon had to do with being on the right road, taking the right path and GPS. He mentioned that while he was out of town recently, and staying somewhere that he already knew the route, that the GPS in the car kept saying to turn left when he and his friend knew they were to turn right at a certain point. If there is a glitch in the system who knows where one would wind up. I have an internal GPS, and all I do is listen. Now and then I feel I am guided to give my direction finder a whirl just to make sure it is still working properly. After church I told the pastor I thought the message was as much for him as for myself, and that I would not be in church for evening service because I would be “having church” in the woods. He asked if I would take a moment to pray for him while there and to bring him back a good photo. So off I went…


The first few photos taken were interesting, and that was before I even got in the car to leave town, but I am not including those in i knuethis part of the story as my decipher has nothing to do with the story made public. As I made the first turn I noticed a license plate in front of me and thus took a photo of it. I find I do this with great frequency and generally the numbers have similar meaning to me, a clarification of sorts. I read the plate as “3:17 end”. I continued my little journey for over 25 miles, my destination the state park in Versailles, Indiana. A slight run-in occurred with the gatekeeper at the park. I had read on an official state site that all state parks in Indiana offered free admission that day, but the attendant said she had to charge me, and everyone else that went there, the usual $5 gate fee. She did not give me a map, and after spending a little time taking some photos I went back for a map but did not go on any trails. I left there soon after, knowing my visit had to do more with timing and a couple of well discovered photo opportunities. I also asked myself if the $5 gate entry fee would have stopped me from going there once I had in mind I was “supposed” to and no, it did not.


I walked back and forth over the creek through an old covered bridge and took a few photos, and said hello to a couple who had walked a long way down a steep hill from town, tapped the bridge and were discussing the walk back UP the hill. They said they had never done this before, and I congratulated them on their efforts. I drove through a few different areas of the park, taking more photos, having my usual conversation with God along the way, and made note of a couple of photos that were congruent enough that others would understand how my synchronicity works to clarify I am where I am supposed to be at any particular time.


blowdryerJust before I got ready to leave I sat there for a moment to straighten my seatbelt, get my snack out, had a drink of water and decided to use the restroom. While standing there to dry my hands under a machine which nearly blew me away, I thought yeah, I could take a photo or just look it up online when I got home. According the their website, what felt like 3-Gs moving across the top of my hand, the xlerator was putting out an “air velocity of 16,000 LFM (linear feet per minute) at the air outlet and 14,000 LFM at the hands (4 inches [102 mm] below air outlet.” It was just one of those things th316pmat gave me a moment of unusual understanding about the power of “xceleration” as it were. Prior to leaving the park I realized I needed to get my phone from the trunk if I was to know what time it was. I discovered the time to be 3:16 pm, as I started the car and mused as I took the photo of the time on the phone since it correlated with the photo of the car I was behind at the beginning of the trip, the one with the “3:17 end” license plate.


into the lightUpon leaving the park I drove through the covered bridge, up the winding hill and made a short stop in the little town of Versailles where I took a few photos around the square. I had already decided to stop at Big Oaks’ Krueger Lake on the way home as well, since I had never been there. No big revelations to tell about but I had a couple of personal syncs which showed me I was still on the right path at the right time. I left there with Clifty Falls State Park as my next destination. I approached the north gate and found a smiling gatekeeper, so I rolled the window down to ask him about it being free day and how it was that he was informed. He showed me his board and I asked if I could take a photo of it. He obliged, holding the board while I took the photo. I saw  it was dated April and I knew that other state parks had all received the same notice. He then told me that a couple had recently come through the gate and told him that they had been charged at Versailles State Park. I told him I had just come from there, been charged $5 and he told me the supervisor is responsible to make sure the park employees know what is going on when they offer such promotions. I thanked him and he welcomed me to Clifty, telling me he had sold a few season passes. Good.


little cliftyI entered the park and went directly to the blacktopped trail to the overlook at little Clifty Falls.  I saw a couple of people taking photos and waited my turn to get close to the stone wall and get a few of the waterfall at that lookout spot. At one point in my flurry of photo-taking I noticed a man nearby and we started a casual conversation. As I spoke he interjected clarifying questions, asking if I meant God, the Holy Spirit, and the like. We discussed why I was there, and I spoke of my pastor and his morning sermon. The man asked me if I wanted to pray with him for my pastor, so we held hands and did so at the overlook. I was not aware of anyone else being nearby at that time but the man kept saying he knew the Holy Spirit was with me. Well, yeah…I get that a lot. He understood I was there to have church in the park and he was to be part of it. He told me he had a friend with the same last name that my pastor has, no relation, of course. A Godwink, for sure.


We continued our conversation and at one point, when he told me he was an “expediter”, I laughed and told him I had already met up with one at the previous location.  I think he understood what I was talking about. It all fit together nicely with why I was where I was when I was. He told me he almost left the park just before I got there, and that he had circled around one more time before coming to that overlook. I do not recall seeing the vehicle when I pulled in. A few moments later he left, and I continued to take a few photos, and even caught a photo him at a different overlook and then the vehicle in which he was driving. The words Express 1 were written on the side. I looked them up online and found this on their home page, thinking, interesting timing, eh?

espress 1 home page


Between travel points on my little journey, I pulled over to take a photo of a barn sign on the opposite side of the highway. I parked on a gravel driveway and being the inquisitive one that I am, checked out a white pillar a few yards from where the car sat. As it turned out, it was a survey marker, a correctgeodetic disc, something I had never seen before in person. I laughed about it because it provided an interesting connection since I started the day listening to a sermon which included talk of GPS. Apparently my own internal GPS was working well and I took a photo of the barn and the disc and another marker nearby.


When I did a search online for geodetic markers I happened to open a link with a photo of the Nauticus marker in Virginia Beach. I think I went there once with the kids. Anyway, just doing so made the connection to me for the marker and the Nautica t-shirt I noticed that the man (with whom I spoke) was wearing. Just another part of the series of synchronicities for the day.


After I left the park, I was thinking I might still have time to get to the evening service and then dismissed it. Instead I took a right turn and went down a street towards the river, parking in front of a little house for sale, one I hear say welcome home every time I look at it. I peeked in the window on the front porch and the neighbor came out to talk with me. She told me a little about it, and we both peeked inside. The conversation continued for a couple of hours, and I saw the pastor drive by on his way home from church. I noticed a bell in the back yard just before she offered some sitting time on the front porch. She said it was once her mother’s. I asked her when it was last rung and she told me before her husband died he had rung it, and she told me about him and his bell-ringing habits. She offered to let me ring it so I followed her to the house where she rang it first, then I pulled the cord a couple of times. My grandfather had one just like it and it brought back fond memories of my brother and I ringing that bell. The neighbor and I discussed many things, sitting on her front porch. She told me she had blacked out in church that morning, and was taken to the hospital for severe back pain. The thing is, the whole time I was with her, she had not one single twinge. I was glad of that, and glad to have stopped there and

met her. With all that bell ringing, someone certainly must’ve been in the right place at the right time. I wonder if maybe someone got their wings.  😉





Last week I came upon a Facebook page for vestibular disorders (VEDA) and read a post about what people with this health issue do for work. I have not worked for a number of years and realize my chances of being able to work in a typical work environment are slim to none. I also realize that those out of the work force for more than a year are almost never hired , whether people believe age discrimination exists or not, it is generally a non-plus in finding a good job. In reading the post I found many others were dealing with the same problems I have, and most are unable to do jobs or activities that once took little energy, concentration or physical ability. After 8 years my symptoms have lessened (or I have become accustomed to the new me) but I still have not figured out what it is I can do and be counted on to do on a daily basis…to pay the rent, as it were. Some 30 years ago I was an ophthalmic tech and then I was a homemaker/mommy until I took a job as a pre-school teacher for a couple of years. I have done nothing monetarily “productive” since that time.

The thought came to mind that resumes are nothing like they used to be, but what I could put on mine that would be different to get the attention of someone would be “the patience of a saint”. Not that I am a saint, but I know I have had extraordinary patience in life considering what all I have been through and done. As I mused about this “strength” a commercial came on the TV, a commercial that had to do with patience wherein a man is smoothing out a cement sidewalk when a young boy walks right through the middle of it lengthwise. Patience…exemplified…

Yes, I thought, that kind of patience, a strength, though I am not sure where I would be in that commercial, but wondered, really, what can I do with it? I thought about the photos I take and how sometimes I can do it and sometimes not, but I have no income from it, as I am not a professional. As I wrote those words, I looked up to the TV to see a man holding a camera and focusing on a small evidential detail, as though a nod from the universe that it was listening. Interesting few seconds since I rarely would have this particular channel or TV show on.

Back to what I was writing…

Having seen the one commercial I immediately could figure out I was viewing another one just moments after having thought about what I could do for a real job someday. The next commercial that came on was about “inspiration”, showing individuals who were conquering some sport or feat. Of course, the tears came, as I listened to that ubiquitous song, “You Raise Me Up” in the background of the commercial.

“You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains
You raise me up, to walk on stormy seas
I am strong, when I am on your shoulders
You raise me up… To more than I can be.”

Thank you, Universe…I needed that.

I thought of my grandfather for some reason, and his third-grade education and how he could not read or write until he was in his 60s. A few minutes later my brother called. He told me that a woman had handed him a book after having had a conversation with him at the beach. Like my grandfather my brother rarely reads but he read me a quote from Albert Einstein which started the first chapter of the book. “A man should look for what is and not for what he thinks should be.” This hit a chord with me, especially since I have the same book sitting next to me and thus was able to open the book to that same page. A stranger had handed/given him the book just moments before, after having had a conversation with him on the beach in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina…miles and miles from where I was. He said there was a bookmark in the book but he could not see what it said other than the words, Holy Spirit.

Yes…there really is “Proof of Heaven” and it speaks to us here on earth. Proof of Heaven is the book he was given, the same as the one sitting next to me. After I hung up from talking with him I went back to the site and saw a video that showed a man celebrating his 90th birthday. He turned the 9 candle over so it looked like the top of the cake read 60 rather than 90. I am now just a week into my 60th year, and know, there is something yet to be discovered. The title of that video was “Never Too Late/Live Life.” “THINK YOUNG” I hear (ANNCR/SUPER: Think young, pass it on. Lyrics: Moment that you speak …ANNCR/SUPER: A message from the Foundation for a Better Life)

I will THINK indeed…One of the books I have on the table is titled. “THINK, why you should question everything.” T I think more than you would know. The most prized possession from my grandfather’s business is always close to my heart and thoughts; it’s a simple sign to which he attached a pair of horseshoes. The sign says: THINK. I have yet to read, “The Gift of Adversity” which is also on the table, but I always try to think of my vestibular problem as a gift which has allowed me a different perspective. I’m glad I ran across the VEDA page because now I know I am not the only one dealing with the same issues. I know I need to reinvent myself to include more of my strengths.

Thanks, Universe for today’s little circle of thought and synchronicity. VEDA may be the acronym for the page on which I found myself this week, but it is also something else that is not always found WRITTEN in the book of LIFE. The Sanskrit word veda means “knowledge”, more particularly “sacred book”. Apparently it comes in many forms and with a bookmark. The one in my brother’s book made that connection with me with the Holy Spirit. The bookmark in my book still smells of the spearmint gum stick I unwrapped; spearmint, the plant which used to grow under my grandfather’s window.

I went back to the site one more time and looked at a video which showed a man with bloodied knees crossing the finish line. The song in the video plays, “Keep holding on…”

Patience is my strength.


playing with purpose

one of the magazine pages photographed while at the laundromat today

On a recent trip to the laundromat, I found myself surrounded by “visual synchronicities” that are part of what I call my conversations with God. It would be one thing if I only did this sort of “visual conversation” once or twice, but this happens all the time. I don’t always tell everyone how the conversations go, because I don’t know if they would understand it anyway. This morning, I was given the prompt I needed to do this post, or maybe just to start it off right.

In my Facebook feed this morning I noticed a supposed quote/scripture from Psalms had been put up, something that at first glance is wonderfully uplifting. The post was a cloud-type photo on which the words, “Man says…Show me and I’ll trust you. God says…Trust me and I’ll show you” are written. The bottom right of the photo says Now while this is all a great sentiment with which to start one’s day, below those words is written “Psalm 126:6.” There had been 49,656 people who liked it, and 20,914 shares by the time I saw it. I went through all of the comments and found ONLY 5 (yes~five) PEOPLE who realized it was NOT Psalm 126:6. I am sure this had the intent most would think, a feel-good verse, but it was also a great example of whom to trust.

I can agree with the sentiment of the posting, that by my trusting I AM shown, and probably shown things a little differently than most would see.

Recently I was asked to do an interview about the photos I take. Actually I had been called the day before I took the photos you will see in this post. I visit the laundromat occasionally when I am unable to get clothes done on the line, as this was one of those days since I wanted to wear a certain pair of pants the next day and it had been raining so much nothing would dry on the line.

this photo has been altered to protect the innocent

this photo has been altered to protect the innocent

Just prior to leaving the house I had seen a photo of my twin nephews; one was wearing a rainbow-colored wig, an iconic wig which is often associated (by a wearer holding a sign at televised sporting events) with the bible verse John 3:16, while the other wore a joker’s hat (the latter also wearing a t-shirt on which the words “24/7 service” was written.) I downloaded the photo and put in my day file. I tell you this because you will later see how the head-wear visually relates and completes a full circle in this particular story.

I only needed to do one load of laundry this day, but needed to stop to get detergent. I noticed the woman in front of me had made a similar purchase. We both wound up at the same laundromat and she later asked if she could purchase my bottle of liquid so as to complete her client’s wash. I offered a cup full but she wanted it all. I said no; I needed it for other loads to do on another day. I have no doubt the day may have gone differently had I made that choice to sell her my laundry detergent, lol. The timing would have been different.

So, I loaded the laundry, put the money in the slots and noticed I had “34 minutes” …those words are actually shown in LED on the machine. The number 34 had already come to my attention earlier via a man who posts about that particular number in a group which is about synchronicity. I am sure I probably smiled when I saw the number but not as much as when I decided to take a walk outside while my clothes washed. I grabbed my camera and as soon as I went outside noticed a car parked in the lot had the numbers T34T3 on it. I took the T34 as in a countdown…meaning I had 34 minutes on the clock.

3TI decided which direction to go in the alley and made note of that which I saw, both mentally and through my camera lens. The first thing I saw was that which I visually related to the rest of the license plate, the 3T, in the form of a telephone pole with 3 transformers on it. Do you see how I could have made that connection?

After that photo I took one of a lovely garden gate with beautiful  flowers just garden gatebeyond the gate. At that point I noticed a single chair sitting just off the alley on the other side and at that point I figured I was “in conversation”. The next photo taken was of another license plate on which I saw RJK343, which I took as “our joke, three for three” and also the 34 reference with the trinity’s 3. Over a couple of years I have found much to represent a particular symbolism in my conversations with God. Each is different at the moment it is presented.

batman stickerAfter the license plates I came across a couple of dogs, a couple of doors and a few stars that I took photos of and I also took photos of what I saw as eyes and faces in a wooden fence. A few other photos were taken as it began to rain. One thing that caught my attention, while it was raining, was a large mirror on the side of a house. I noticed a batman sticker on the mirror…may be hard to see on the photo, but it is there on the right side in the photo. 

The air was hot and the little bit of rain only made it steamier outside, so I was happy to get back to the laundromat where it was air conditioned. I planned to go swimming directly after I was finished with my laundry. As I arrived back at the laundromat, I was immediately drawn to a bright red van parked outside of the laundromat. pictures made w the word of godThere were a couple of bible verses painted on the side of the van and “John 3:16” was written at the back and side of the van. I couldn’t help but notice the words written under the driver and passenger front windows (the same on either side) and took a photo of that. Later I asked the van’s owner about it and he told me about artwork made with text in which one see’s Jesus face. I made the comment that I too have pictures made with the word of God, but mine are a little different. Done with my walk outside, I went back to my laundry, placing it in the dryer.

I picked up a magazine and thumbed through it, realizing I was not done taking photos, I picked up the camera and turned the pages. This is how it went…001 I noticed the pattern in the fabric covering one of the chairs about the time I saw the words on a page in the magazine which I had put down. My mind wandered a moment to fibonacci as I saw a fern or nautilus type of design in it. I cannot begin to explain how that relates…but it does in nature, and to me, this is all very natural. I doubt most people would get some of the other pages I took photos of so I will exclude a few. I’ll pick up the part here where you might see the relationship between my inner thoughts and that which I see around me.

I came to a page that said, “Where are you?”

I came to a page where I saw the words, "Where are you?"

I came to a page where I saw the words, “Where are you?”

I answered that question with a photo  …seemed only natural to do so.


Another photo I found pertinent at this point was one in which I had seen the door to the van was closed, and then I came to a page with a spoon on it, 14and in the text was the question, “Can a spoon open a door?” I 15am sure I smiled when I saw those words, because I recalled being with my sister once when I used a feather in one hand and a key which did not fit the lock in the other hand, to open a door on my van. A police officer was trying to open the other side of the van so he was present when that occurred. Anyway… I looked up and saw the door to the van was open, so of course, I assumed the van’s owner was inside…and took a photo which shows both the van outside and the page I was on at the time.  Of course, you might be laughing out loud when you see the next photo…

keep the doors open

I see this as kind of an explanation as to what is going on here… keeping the wonder alive…

The story is getting long so I will truncate it somewhat. Let’s just say, I was right on target for the day. taRGET

Somehow I knew I was not done for the day. On the way home I decided to stop in the local thrift shop, as though called for some reason. I went in with my camera in hand. In the first aisle I saw a package of computer photo cards and 2014 calendar. I said something to the check out clerk about having never seen one out so early, and he replied he thought the same when he saw that. A bit unusual to find either item where I did, so I took a photo of where they were on the shelf and then put the two aforementioned items in the basket. This would be that photo.future

I went further down the first aisle and saw three items that were placed on an upper shelf. I took 19a photo of part of what caught my eye amidst the kitchenware, a blank dry erase message board (with the word “Messages” on it), which was next to a plaque of Jesus (sorry jokerfor the poor photo quality) that was next to a TIME-ALL. Some symbolism, eh? I continued on to the children’s section, where there are games and stuffed animals, etc. On the very end, where I could not possibly have missed it, was a “joker” doll. Are you starting to get the picture here? Earlier in this posting I made reference to the rainbow wig, which symbolically correlated to the John 3:16 on the side of the van, and now I was seeing the joker doll relating to the other twin’s joker hat. I had already made the connection visually. But I went just a little further for my own clarification purposes. There is always more than meets the eye about my photos, but most people would not understand.

black boxI am of the opinion that the entity I know as God is a loving, caring, and very playful being. There is a language we each communicate through and this is a visual communication that I seem to have, and I like to say it is my conversation that others just happen to be privy to through my own documentation. The universe and I play a game, or entertain the other with a scavenger hunt of sorts. Who wouldn’t call it fun; it is entertaining in the least, and some air of mystery remains in the conversation. I am never at a loss to see something in a physical form that gives me the feeling of God’s presence nearby.

Some may not understand that I take the words from Hebrew (in my bible) literally in this fashion: “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” phoneI do not wish to get into a tussle with biblical scholars but to me, this means, I can see the evidence all around me; there is indeed, something bigger than myself that though I cannot see (thus that which is unseen) it my own eyes, I can see that which was created…and these are the evidence…one photo at a time. This is all part of the conversation between me and God, and something I feel I can share with others, even if they can’t understand it all, they can “listen in” on the call.

Prior to having my interview, I asked the reporter if she knew about synchronicities, and explained the term means meaningful coincidences, and that mine are best shown through the way in which I put the photos together (generally MY STORYas they come to me to take them). Having just edited these photos from the prior day, I sent them to her. Actually a few I sent to her were a little different than the ones here. While being interviewed a few days later I asked her how that explanation I gave had come across. I know how it sounds. She did tell me that my explanation was a bit confusing at first, but once she saw the photos it all clicked. I hope this “clicks” for others as well.

watercolored nearsightedness

the photographer is also a local pastor…I captured this while he took my photo

Since the paper published the article with a few of my photos that they had requested I thought I would share this part of the story as a go with, saying I call my synchronicities “God winks”, which is a term others have used in making similar connections through meaningful coincidence in their lives. .

**As an aside, while I was preparing this post I was messaged with a photo taken in Egypt…it was a heart being drawn in the sky with an Egyptian air force jet. I considered it an appropriate sign at that.

a playful purpose

when a kitty is not a kitty


For whatever reason, the thought of one of last night’s America’s Got Talent contestants came to my mind while I zoned out in front of the computer and the TV. I had just thought about Howard Stern telling one contestant he did not wish to hear the contestant calling to his bird, “Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty…” (about the 3:18 mark on the video).  The bird’s name was Kitty Cat. Having just had that thought, a Sears raccoon commercial came on, and I heard the woman in the commercial calling her cat, “Here Kitty…” Apparently she needed a new pair of glasses, because a raccoon came to her call, not her cat.. I decided to post about the synchronistic timing of the two on FACEBOOK, but since I like to include photos or videos to clarify TV syncs, I figured I would first post it on wordpress and provide a link. When I opened the wordpress home page, I laughed because I saw this photo of a cat.


I changed channels on the TV, and about the time I got the photos and links uploaded, a Macy’s commercial came on and I couldn’t help but notice the words HELLO KITTY getting larger then smaller on the screen. It was a  good thing to have TIVO to back it up and capture the words on the video on the TV screen.

a little hop


It was an interesting selection I recently brought home from the library. Half of the books sat on individual display stands , so they’d be hard to miss atop the bookcase I stood next to in the newer nonfiction section of the library. I probably would have brought home a few more but couldn’t carry any more at that time.  In no particular order, I chose to bring home:


A Useful Guide to Thought and Meaning

The 7 Laws of Magical Thinking, How Irrational Beliefs Keep Us Happy, Healthy and Sane

50 Popular Beliefs that People Think Are True

The Ancient Alien Question

The 7 Magical Laws of Magical Thinking was my first pick to read last night. Magical thinking is defined medically, but of course there is always the skeptics dictionary definition. I suppose each of us can choose the definition which best suits our comprehension. I try to avoid defining anything because there is always the exception. Many will tell you that synchronicity and coincidence fit under the magical thinking defintition…so be it. Have a little magic.

Last night, I came to be reading the chapter titled, Everything Happens for a Reason, and the subsection titled On a Mission from God, when a certain commercial came on the TV about 9:30PM. It was one of those rather obnoxious commercials wherein the people kept repeating the product name over and over again and I hoped the other person in the room that normally changes channels during commercials would get around to changing this one. Well, that didn’t happen, so I had no choice but to let the words infiltrate my brain and reading.

Over and over again, the people on this commercial yell out the product name, but with slight variation. It was hard to ignore. I was on page 220 in the book, The 7 Laws of Magical Thinking, when the commercial first came on. I was reading, “It makes events that are random and chaotic feel like they belong in a cohesive narrative about who you are and what your life is.  …You become a character in a much more interesting narrative when the whole world is conspiring to take part in your personal drama.”

I continued reading, through the next paragraph, where the author says that we want to believe all the flukes are somehow meant for us, that we want to believe in  a customized kismet where events build up for a future purpose, that we were put here for a reason, etc. In the background I hear, “The Hoppah! The Happah!  The Hopper!” while reading, “You were put here for a reason, you matter and you’re on a mission. Everything before now was to prepare you for your calling. The universe is counting on you.” and then I read…

“Now hop to it.”

“Sometimes it’s fun to pretend.”

Yeah, magical thinking is like pretending things go together in ways that make no sense to others.  I don’t know if I should call this a hop or a leap, but someplace in all of this mumbo jumbo is just a plain fun awareness that connects what goes on inside of me to that which is around me.

elephant’s trunk


Visual syncs are common to me. On Friday I wrote on a Facebook synchronicity group page that I keep a wooden (Indian) elephant from my mother’s collection near my computer. That morning I came across an old photo  I had taken  (7 years ago) down by the river when the Kelly Miller Circus was in town. I put the photo on the desktop of the computer. I made a connection consciously thinking about the “two trunks” down. Symbolic to me in many ways. The very next post on my FB feed was a photo of two elephants (trunks down) getting on the ferry near here.

Comments followed after I posted the sync on the synchronicity group page:

Ross commented: “It was an Anna trunk call. In Malayalam, the language they speak in Varkala Anna means Elephant … and she never forgets.”

I wrote: “as though you were waiting for this one, Ross, lol.”

Ross answered back with Ana code: “I LINK TWO ELEPHANTS BY ROSS TO ID CODER ANA..” 

After which I replied with a “like” and then wrote: “to continue this sync, I posted on my personal page that the home phone went out during the night, not fixed until my oldest brother called me on my cell phone and told me I needed to reset it. Anna means elder brother. Thanks Ross. ;)”

On my personal Facebook page I then posted, “I guess I need to check the phone for service every time it storms here. It was off all morning, lol.”

Ross quickly replied, “No it wasn’t, you got your trunk call!”

Made me laugh.

Since Ross had written that the name Anna meant elephant, I wrote that the name Anna also means elder brother in the Kannada language, and pointed out that the elephants were “Indian”, as a clarification.

At one point on Friday, I put into a search engine the words “two elephants” and found two elephants in Odisha were killed by a train on Thursday, so there was one connection that I took to heart because of a personal family synchronicity that pertains to elephants. The train clinched another part of the sync for me for reasons that will remain unspoken at this time.

Another thing I had not told anyone at that point, was that when my brother called  my cell phone to say my home phone had been busy, meaning there was a problem with the line, he also told me his phone had apparently been out (he is in another state) and he did not know until someone came to his door to check on him. Two “trunks” down already had multiple meanings.

A continuation of the sync…

Over the weekend I took some photos of decorated concrete “pigs” that sat at the riverfront for the annual “Ribberfest”, a music-fest in combination with judged barbecue cook-off. I decided to use a photo of the pig in camouflage for one of my cover photos, and also changed the profile photo to that of a preening crane.

Oh, I can imagine what people think when they see some of the stuff I put up, but everything comes with exquisite timing, for which I can take no credit yet thoroughly enjoy. The photo below is one that showed up in my Facebook feed this morning, from Interesting Engineering.

The photo shows two people working from a crane. I laughed when I read what was written on the crane. In the photo the workers are shown camouflaging a cell tower with what looks like a “cactus”. The two people “tagged” in the photo have names which are of Indian origin, names that have special meaning of their own. Look them up.

Because I did an anagram of the “code” that Ross had put up, and found the words star bride came to my attention, I did a “star bride” search. I found a site called Star Bride wherein I read  You have come to the right place. You must be wondering what’s next?” That really started me laughing and I read much between the lines.  The site was just part of the sync for me, in that I read the words, 7 years” and also saw a photo of an elephant, trunk down. Of course, that elephant had really big ears and was waving. I saw much more than I can explain, but the timing came through for me to also see a quote from Henry David Thoreau on my Facebook feed.

“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.”

I see many connections, and have told you just a few. Hope you enjoyed my visuals.   😉

PS. A little while after posting I decided to edit and add this, that my brother called me to tell me he had moved into a new apartment. During the conversation he told me he had a tree out front, which made me smile. After I got off the phone with him, I saw two photos on my facebook feed.

Siddharth means achieved all wishes…something accomplished.  I’d say.

I can see clearly now


Clearly, there are times when my visual synchronicities are pretty funny. A blog I had never read was brought to my attention this morning via a friend’s link on Facebook. When I read the posts I found one in which the woman had purchased a transparent briefcase at a yard sale and was wondering if there was anything to do with it other than put it in her next yard sale. After reading her posts I went to the Zappos site and looked at a pair of flip flops and afterwards went back to Facebook. When I looked at my feed I discovered another individual had just posted a photo of a man wearing plastic, a pair of flip flops, and he was riding a plastic bicycle. The poster wrote FLIP FLOPS? I thought these all came to my attention rather nicely.-

the duck test


There is a saying, “If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck…”  you know that one. As I formulate this post, I borrow a bit of what is written, from the wiki definition, just to clarify a few things.

“The duck test is a humorous term for a form of inductive reasoning. The test implies that a person can identify an unknown subject by observing that subject’s habitual characteristics. It is sometimes used to counter abstruse arguments that something is not what it appears to be.”

So wiki gives one idea as to where the quote originated, stating:

“Indiana poet James Whitcomb Riley (1849–1916) may have coined the phrase when he wrote “when I see a bird that walks like a duck and swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, I call that bird a duck.”

Further on down the page I read a quote from an ambassador to Guatemala during the Cold War in 1950, in which he said:

“Suppose you see a bird walking around in a farm yard. This bird has no label that says ‘duck’. But the bird certainly looks like a duck. Also, he goes to the pond and you notice that he swims like a duck. Then he opens his beak and quacks like a duck. Well, by this time you have probably reached the conclusion that the bird is a duck, whether he’s wearing a label or not.”

So one could reach the conclusion, that a duck could very well be a duck if it looks like, acts like or sounds like one…no label necessary, of course, unless you have never seen or heard a duck. I ask you, gentle reader, is this a duck?

Would it be more of a duck with a label? Uh, no, it is what it is, an abstract. What you are looking at is a photo of a tree root which was in the path on which I walked yesterday. I saw the root in more the abstract, as a duck, but because I was certain few would see the same on the first pass, I added a couple of leaves and sticks prior to taking the photo. It looks more  like  a duck now, right? To some extent, sure.

I have an appreciation that the wiki page also included a mention of the Liskov Substitution Principle as a counter-example to the duck test:

If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck but it needs batteries, you probably have the wrong abstraction.”

Not sure if I have the right or wrong abstraction, and unfortunately, math is not my forté , but I understand the mutable and immutable can sometimes take a more  discerning focus.  I am quite the visual thinker and because of that, I often read the world through photos and then illustrate what comes to me, as though in a continual stream, one thing adding to the next. The connection is made in a forward step backward step, a cha-cha of sorts, relating to that which was and more to relate to that which is now and further coming. Don’t worry, I can confuse even myself with my explanations, but please, read on…

Because nothing is ever just singly defined, as shown somewhat by the decision to post a filtered photo of the pen mentioned in the previous post, one could, or as was my intent, should have also read the title of my previous post, “it’s read in black and white”, as it’s RED in black and white… a visual pun.  I sometimes must digress in order to go forward; it’s that cha-cha thing.

During the pastor’s sermon yesterday, a man entered at the half-past hour. Since the congregation is quite small a newcomer is easily noticed. The thoughts that go through my mind are rarely kept confined, and I readily make many connections based on that which appears before me. This man, and some of which was said in the morning’s sermon, did not escape the many layers of my little onion (another word for my brain) and the myriad of connections that were made.

The man entered during song worship and after a song or two, then during a song that was song over and over again as people felt the spirit, one of the church members was moved to walk about the church shaking hands with each member, and of course, the newcomer who had come in. It was after he had moved on a bit that I chose a moment to also get up to  shake the hand of the newcomer,  telling him it was good to see him in church.  Little did I know where that would later lead me, but the connection did not really surprise me.

The pastor spoke of many things, but what was important in this particular connection was that he spoke of Peter and of Jesus’ washing of the disciples feet. It is all about the wash. No bible scholar here, I just go by what I hear, read and where it leads me. My mind often wanders…

It lead me to think about the large wash basins I saw in the women’s room at a mosque,  once visited, where those who came in would wash their hands and feet.  The visual in my head also allowed me to remember that large basin in the women’s room at the Sunlite Pool at Coney Island where some would wash their hands, still others would wash their hair. As a child, I remember stepping on the foot pedal to start the sprinklers.

There was no such automated sprinkling/washing system in the day of Jesus. I came back to what the pastor was reading in John 13:

After that, He poured water into a basin and began to wash the disciples’ feet, and to wipe them with the towel with which He was girded. Then He came to Simon Peter. And Peter said to Him, “Lord, are You washing my feet?”

Jesus answered and said to him, “What I am doing you do not understand now, but you will know after this.”

Peter said to Him, “You shall never wash my feet!”

Jesus answered him, “If I do not wash you, you have no part with Me.”

The sermon continued, church let out, and I walked home, thinking no more of the  newcomer, or about much of anything other than that I planned to go home, stay in the rest of the day, and not going back to church  for the evening service. I’m funny that way sometimes. I told my neighbor that I wanted to make preparations for my brother but did not specify anything else.

I spent the afternoon uploading photos from the previous day’s excursion downtown, where I spent a couple of hours, in a block or two, taking photos in a few stores and in a couple of alleys. There were sidewalk sales going on, but I only purchased one thing for a dollar and a quarter. I uploaded the photos to my Madison Uploaded Facebook page, and in between uploads picked up a bit around the house. Suddenly, in the middle of it all, about 3:30, I changed my clothes, grabbed my camera and headed off to John Paul Park, where there was a fundraiser for the park in progress. I had no previous plan to attend, because it was Sunday, but felt compelled to do so knowing I was giving up time to put my house in order before my brother’s visit. I went anyway, knowing there must be a reason.

I parked a block away, on the far end of the park, and walked the dirt path towards the back of those already seated and listening to the music being performed by local musicians. As I approached, even from a distance, I knew I was “incognito”, smiled to myself and  shook my head in recognition of the moment. I say that because, generally the way I look in church is different than how I normally might appear to those who have seen me only in the church surround.

I passed by a gentleman seated at a table of his own which was next to a picnic table. No one else was seated nearby, as he was on the backside of a raised stone planter, not within view of the gazebo where the musicians played.  I passed by him, smiled and said hello, to which he returned the greeting. I stood near a tree on the other side of the raised planter and took a photo. I was struck that the light filtering through the tree’s canopy  left a puddle of light at the roots. I was not there to listen to music.

I knew that. There is always that “knowing”…

I went back around to the man seated at the table and as I began to seat myself I asked him if he minded if I took a photo of his hat,  then sat down expecting to converse with him. I figured it was not fair that I recognized him but that he did not recognize me, so I told him we had met earlier at church, and slide off my sunglasses so he could see me eye to eye. I’m not sure exactly the moment in our two plus hour conversation that I actually took the photo of the hat, but first I took a photo of him with the hat on, as that is how I saw him in church.

I spoke with him about many things and a bit about the hat, why he chose to wear it, what that meant, and why he was in church, basically to ask for help. Some of the answers I expected, some were more or less  just part of the flow, I suppose, and there was a thing or two that I had to answer that may or may not have been what he wanted to hear when he questioned me. I think most people would steer clear of someone wearing such a hat, and that is sometimes his intent, to have others (mainly the police was his answer) leave him alone, but he did not understand that his wearing the hat to church might make some more leery than had they just passed him by on the street. What would be your first thought of seeing someone whose hat was embroidered with the words, “I am claiming to be the word of God” in black and white and red? I kinda’ took it in stride that I was sitting with a black man wearing a white hat with words written in black and red. It was just another synchronization…another visual connection I had made.

At one point in the conversation, he told me there was spider on my cap.

He was surprised I was not frightened by the spider. No, I actually like them. I took my cap off, let the spider know I was not going to hurt him (we did do some posturing back and forth first)  and I took a few photos. Little did he know, it was the very type of spider I had wanted a photo of, and being the person I am, saw it as a photo op. Removing my cap was probably a sign that I was not going to hurt the spider or the man.

The man told me he wrote poems, and tried to sell those as a way to make a living. He carries with him most of what he has written because he lives in a tent by the river. When I asked why he had attended church he said he had asked the pastor for assistance, he wanted someone to purchase a poem but was disappointed in the response he was given by the pastor, although he did get a few dollars from the church member who shook the hands of all those who were in church. He pointed out a few proverbs during our conversation, which I read but did not really discuss. I found what was important to him, other than trying to prove to the pastor he was who he wanted the pastor to know him as, a man who lived in a tent and needed some help.

Parts of our conversation gave the man an instance or two wherein he wanted me to see a particular bible verse, one being Proverbs 27:8, “As a bird that wandereth from her nest, so is a man that wandereth from his place.”  When he asked me about what I thought about that I laughed and said something to the effect that it was a many layered thing to me because of the way I think.  I know there are birds who will leave their own nest to deposit eggs in that of another bird. I chose not to discuss it further.

He also pointed out Proverbs 28:1, where is written, “The wicked flee when no man pursueth, but the righteous are bold as a lion.” I responded by saying, “You mean like I chose to sit here, where no other would do so.” Uh, yep…

I was able to ascertain that the man had spent some time in jail, though I asked not the reason for his incarceration. That was not pertinent to me. He told me part of the reason he wears the hat is that he believed police would think him off a little, and therefore not bother him to move along as long as he was sitting with his poetry. I also found out he had been homeless a while, came to be here about 3 years ago, is receiving food stamps, but needed a job and a place to live (more permanent than a tent). I asked what measures he had taken to gain employment and to find a place to live. Part of the reason he said he had no job was that there was no place to call home, and thus, no place to get a shower. He was pretty much in a self-imposed rut and he saw no way out.

He told me he had every intention of going back to church for the evening service, just to prove the preacher wrong about part of their conversation, that he wouldn’t come back if he wasn’t helped. I did not wish to pry, but I told him many reasons why individuals or churches may or may not help a person in the manner in which they asked, and proceeded to enlighten the man about what he had already received that had no monetary value.  I was not preaching to or at him, I just felt the lesson about another individual’s perspective was worth the look, and each thing we do in life is something from which we can learn.  My aim is often to separate the wheat and the chaff of the day. I suggested that if he went back to church  to seek another reason for being there. What did he really want? It took a while to strip away all other things.

I asked, “Beyond all other things about which you could ask of the church or anyone else, what is your most basic need?” I wanted to know what he could not do on his own, what was the one thing he needed the most.

 “I want a place where I can take a shower.”  

Hmmm. I noticed a post on my Facebook feed showed a photo that seems to fit right in here, so pardon my ADD as I include it. The timing of it seemed obvious. A used bar of soap with the words “sanctification in the everyday”.

I thought about the man’s need being pretty basic, and part of  his cycle of not being able to move forward from where he was. I asked him if he had asked that of any community assistance provider, and he said no one offered showers, only food. I know some shelters and YMCA’s have facilities where men can clean up, but this is a small town. After some further discussion, and knowing he would indeed go back to the same church, I suggested he might only ask the pastor where he could take a shower. He liked that idea.  I thought it made sense…it IS pretty basic. Lord only knows what else he had on his agenda later that evening, but I said to him, ask that, and the next time I see you, I will give you that one thing I purchased yesterday when I walked the streets taking photos. He was intrigued.

At the time I put my glasses and hat back on I said it was all timing, that I needed to leave. I left the way I came, unnoticed. I drove home, went in the house, grabbed the purchase I had made the previous day and wrapped it in a piece of paper,  a handwritten note. I walked as quickly as possible  towards the church and as I was within whistling earshot, I gave a whistle to him, having seen he was back from the church door, apparently having forgotten something. I handed him the note-wrapped article and he read it aloud, “In order that a man take a shower it helps to have a bar of soap.”

Not sure when I will see this man again…maybe next Sunday. I liked talking with him. I know the shower will come, so the least  I could do was to provide him with the bar of soap he may need when it does.

If you have never heard or seen a duck how would you know a duck when you heard or saw it? You might mistake a duck for a goose.

They say water rolls off a duck’s back, but do you know why? When wet, they secrete an oil from glands near their tail. With their bill, ducks rub the oil over themselves and thus the oil keeps the water from soaking through their feathers. Ducks might be “waterproof” but they can also be covered in man-made oil that  is detrimental to their survival. Fortunately there is a product that can work with water to break down that which is toxic.


it’s read in black and white


Penguins.  When I recognize I have just spotted two things that make a connection I try to go with the flow the best I can.  In this case penguins make the connection.  A couple of days ago I saw a photo on Facebook of a newly hatched King penguin at the Cincinnati Zoo.  It didn’t look like a penguin to me, but I have never seen one that young, so what do I know.

Then, a friend posted a photo of herself and a couple of friends in a pool, so I copied it and I cropped it.

I thought I saw the image of a penguin in the bottom of the pool, and when I asked her, I was told it was a turtle tile. Well, you know what? That baby penguin in the zoo photo does kind of resemble a turtle. I guess it is the thought that counts in my synchronicities.

Anyway…I stopped at the Salvation Army on my way home from taking photos in one block or two on Main Street.  I stopped at the because I was feeling a connection to a church member who likes to shop there, and recently had cancer surgery. I was thinking she probably missed her weekly shopping and I knew I had not been there in months myself. I only had a few dollars in my pocket so I wasn’t really planning on doing any shopping, per se.

At the bottom of the stairs I noticed a stuffed animal sitting on an antique stove.  It was a penguin. Having posted on Facebook this morning a photo of a frozen Niagara Falls, I thought well, the hot and cold thing was picked up. Because I had made the connection to a penguin already I figured there was some reason to remain aware.

No idea why I was in the store but I got a basket and pushed it down the first aisle. In the magazine/book section I saw the husband of the woman about whom I had been thinking earlier. I did not say hello to him, and as a matter of fact, made sure he did not see me. Then I held the camera around the book stack and took his photo.  As I passed by him I noticed he read with his lips moving…a sign to me. I saw that on the wall was a poster of a mother and son with a loaf of bread. On the shelf near the seated man was a copy of Our Daily Bread. Another connection visually, told me I was on the right track.

Sneaking past him, I hurried to the aisle on the far wall, around the back of the store and then into a back room. I picked one of two small painted sets of drawers to purchase. I saw there was no price on either one. Upon leaving the room I saw the woman, about whom I had been thinking, in the aisle, looking at linens. I looked at the cart I had placed nearby, put the set of drawers in it and noticed a pair of shelf brackets had been placed in it. I  left the basket there and spoke to the woman about how wonderful it was to see her out after surgery a week ago. I showed her the photo I had taken of her husband who had not noticed my presence.

We chatted about a couple of things and she asked a favor of me, to get information regarding a pill my  neighbor was taking for her cancer…turmeric. When I told her what it was she could not pronounce it and I said I could write it down for her if she had a pen. I fumbled in my purse (I rarely carry one) looking for a pen  and found one, telling her that she now needed to supply me with something to write on.

Sometimes, I try to control my thoughts and feelings about my syncs because I am unsure how others might take it.  So when she handed me the little notepad, I wrote “tumeric” on the penguin’s belly. I am aware I misspelled it when I did.  I had to wonder if that meant “tumor I see”. I suppose that was more for me to understand than her, as she didn’t know what turmeric was and had just had surgery to remove her cancerous tumor.   What mattered, I think, was that I showed her the pen with which I had written on her notepad.  She acknowledged it.

She has been on my mind a lot. When she first told me about her cancer I told her that for whatever reason, and it is not because I don’t care, it is because I had no worry about it, that I was not concerned about the cancer because the Spirit had given me a certain peace about it, as though she would be fine. Here  she was out shopping after major surgery a week ago; that was clarification if I ever saw any!

I headed for the check out counter where I placed the pair of plastic shelf supports. I was aware that someone nearby was humming a Christmas song but could not quite get the tune. I had a discussion with the clerk,  handed her the pair of plastic shelf supports telling her someone had placed them in the basket and they were not something I needed. She took care of another customer while I looked over  items on the counter. I saw something with which I made a connection, no price on it but I knew it was something that made the connection complete for me.  It was a postcard.

Another one, I thought… the second postcard in a week.  I don’t think I had bought a postcard in the ten years before this week! Just one more sync.

I realized I was also purchasing two things with no price tag on them. That rarely happens. I took a photo of the postcard I bought today.

There are symbols everywhere.

Everything has a deeper meaning.

The postcard came with a real sand dollar.

Penguins, eh?

a little before and after


I read, as suggested, Einstein’s Dreams, which is more about  the “possibilities within each of us for imagining time and existence” than about Einstein himself, but I knew going in, that the book was a novel.  I did enjoy the different sketches/time scenarios from the book, my favorite being  11 May 1905, wherein the passage of time brings increasing order. I laughed aloud when I read this,  “In such a world, people with untidy houses lie in their beds and wait for the forces of nature to jostle the dust from their windowsills and straighten the shoes in their closets.” I could use that kind of order in my life.

Reading this book reminded me of a sync that occurred last April, when I went to a Road Scholar program at the Lindenwood Center in Donaldson, Indiana. Having been in conversation with my sister and a nun about proof of the existence of God,  and/or how God works,  I noticed the clock on the wall on the far end of the cafeteria…it was almost 6:00.  For whatever reason, I  asked the nun for her book (unfortunately did not get the title of the book) and opened to a “random page” pointing to the words at the bottom of  the page. I then asked the nun to look at the clock and tell me what time it was. It was almost six o’clock. I took a photo of the words printed on the bottom of the page then got up to take a photo of the clock on the wall. Having done so,  I stopped at a table where someone thought I was someone else.

When I returned to our table, to show my sister the photo of the clock, I could not find the photo and realized, somehow, the clock photos I thought I took was gone. I thought, oh well, new camera…my bad, and also thought, well, Sister Anna knows what I saw. I pointed out both the clock and the page to her; she saw the same thing. Wasn’t that proof enough? My sister said no, I needed a photo of the clock just before six to prove this sync. In all actuality, that doesn’t really prove anything either, does it? Sometimes the “proof” is something you have to take on faith.

What I did still have in the camera were photos I took before and after that special sync.

One photo showed the sign on the sliding door (as we exited the conference center to go to the cafeteria) that warned people to STAND CLEAR.

The other was a photo of a clock on the wall (seen coming back into the center) showing that time which was somewhat after six.

I realize none of this proves anything, but I found the sync most interesting, especially considering I had opened a random book to a random page while sitting with a nun discussing the way God works.

So to bring things back around and tidy up this whole post, what can I say?  Hmmm, well I did have an interesting moment getting the photo of the clock after six to post.  And what does it REALLY have to do with a post titled a little before and after?

Time has its own agenda, it would seem, and it did take me a few minutes to get you the proof.   😉

From Sister Anna’s book: